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Ceramic Header Coating Service

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Ceramic coating provides excellent thermal barrier characteristics, corrosion protection, and it looks great! We use a special process that ensures we coat the INSIDE of every tube, for their full length. This is the difference between us and our competition. Coating the inside of the part has several benefits

  • There is actually data that suggests that keeping heat inside of the pipes as it first exits the engine helps improve exhaust scavenging and improves overall flow
  • Keeping heat inside of the pipe prevents the coating on the outside from being damaged, this means the coating lasts longer, and looks better
  • Lastly, and this is the big one, ceramic coating the inside of the pipe drastically lowers engine bay temperatures. Some of our race cars with more cramped engine bays, for example a Corvette with re-located coils, just could not keep from melting plug wires, after applying our coating we no longer have problems! Keeping engine bay temperatures down not only boosts your vehicle's performance but prolongs the life and health of engine bay components. 

Ceramic coating will also ensure that you have a header that lasts a life time, unlike exhaust wrap, which only holds corrosive sand, water, salt etc against your pipes, ceramic coating provides a protective barrier, preventing those elements from ever coming into contact with the metal beneath

The headers are sand blasted, coated inside and out, baked in a 500 degree oven, and polished in an overnight independent chamber tumbler, ceramic coating takes the heat and retains a truly unique and superior finish.

Turnaround time for this coating is typically 7 days, we can put a rush on you order for an additional charge but due to the length of the processing involved, we can only shorten this delivery time to 2 days.