DEI ONYX Series Starter Shield

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  • ONYX Starter Shield
  • Combination of 2 Technologically Advanced Textile Materials
  • Dual Layer
  • Rich Black Finish
  • Measures 7 Inches W x 24 Inches L
  • Length Can be Cut to Fit Various Size Requirements
  • Reliable Protection Against Direct Heat of Up to 1350°F
  • Hook-and-Loop Fastening System
  • Backed by a Limited Warranty
  • Fits All Ford Mustang 1979 to 2018 Models
Reliable Heat Protection. The ONYX Starter Shield guarantees the best heat protection for starters that constantly go through severe duty and extreme heat. The shield prevents malfunction caused by heat soak and can withstand up to 1350°F of direct exposure in your Mustang.

Top-of-the-Line Materials and Design. This starter shield is made from a combination of 2 technologically advanced textiles to form a dual layer that will provide maximum thermal control. The inner layer is constructed from a specially treated, high-temperature resistant fabric composed of 89% silica. The outer layer is a tight-woven combination of heat-treated glass fiber and molten aluminum to ensure durability.

Quick Hook-and-Loop Installation. This starter shield is equipped with a hook-loop fastening system that lets you securely hold the shield in place without having to remove the starter.

Multi-Purpose Fit. The DEI ONYX Series Starter Shield is supplied in 1 standard size, 7 Inches W x 24 Inches L. However, you can use the shield to wrap master cylinders, fuel pumps, and other vehicle components by cutting the length of the shield according to specific size requirements.