DeWitts C7 Corvette Performance Aluminum Radiator

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1139114M Radiator $819.99

Upgrade your cooling system with our new 57mm double row aluminum radiator for all C7 Corvettes. This new Direct Fit radiator features serpentine fin and special dimpled cooling tubes. These dimples create turbulence as coolant passes through the tube. Turbulent flow is a proven method to increase heat transfer over the standard lamar flow method. The thicker core increases tube-to-fin surface area and the all aluminum construction eliminates plastic end tanks and gasket failures. The larger capacity end tanks hold one additional gallon of coolant to help dissipate heat.

8119001E     Engine Oil Cooling (EOC) Kit no thermostat -    $899.99

8119001E-180   Engine Oil Cooler kit with 180 degree thermostat - $999.99

8119001E-212   Engine Oil Cooler kit with 212 degree thermostat - $999.99

DeWitts is proud to offer this new Air-to-Oil type EOC kit for all C7 Corvettes. This kit includes a custom two pass oil cooler that is designed to mount directly behind the grill opening. This kit replaces the factory Water-to-oil cooler with a custom adapter and stainless steel braided oil lines. Detailed installation instructions are included. Note: Removal of the front bumper and a car lift is required. DeWitts recommends contracting a professional service technician for installation. 

9139007M  Heat Exchanger  (Z06 only)  $599.99

Reduce intake temperatures with this efficient heat exchanger. The system holds more fluid in the heat exchanger with increased tube-to-fin contact area. This will allow the supercharger to be more efficient while in boost and cool down faster after high boost runs.