Earls Perform-O-Flex Hose - Size 12 - 10 Ft. Length #410012ERL

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Earl's Premium Racing Hose. Tough Stainless Steel Wire Braid-Protected Synthetic Rubber Hose. Easy to Cut and Assemble.
Earl's PERFORM-O-FLEX stainless braid-protected synthetic rubber hose is the premium quality racing hose depended on by the top racing teams of every professional sanctioning body in the world. PERFORM-O-FLEX features an inner liner of synthetic rubber. A partial coverage protective sheath of stainless steel braid is embedded in the liner during manufacturing. The reinforced hose liner is then bonded to a full-coverage outer protective sheath of high tensile stainless steel wire braid. Tougher than this, hose doesn't get. Yet Perform-O-Flex, with its inner liner, remains flexible at temperatures between -40 and +350 degrees F. Racing Greats have depended on PERFORM-O-FLEX hose and SWIVEL-SEAL hose ends since 1972. Perform-O-Flex hose is intended for use with Swivel-Seal, Auto-Fit and Auto-Crimp hose ends only. No other Earl's hose ends are intended for use with Perform-O-Flex hose. The use of other manufacturer's hose ends is not recommended. PSI rating is determined by many factors including hose end in use and assembly method.

Installation Notes: The brown tracer in the stainless steel braid of the Earls Perform-O-Flex hose is being eliminated (-4 to -16 AN Hose). Many customers didnΓÇÖt like the look of the tracer since it didnΓÇÖt match other hose that they had on their vehicle. This change also improves the delivery of this hose, since it had a longer lead-time for production of this hose w/ the special braid. This change is cosmetic only - the performance specifications for the hose remain unchanged. This will be a running change since it may take up some time to use the existing stock of the hose w/ the brown tracer.


  • Stainless Steel Inner Braid
  • High-Temp. Synthetic Rubber
  • Full Coverage Outer Braid
  • Provides Constant Flow
  • Clean and Fast Flowing
  • Mechanical Bond Between Layers
Brand Earls
Compatible Hose Ends Auto-Crimp
Compatible Hose Ends Auto-Fit
Compatible Hose Ends Econ-O-Fit
Compatible Hose Ends Swivel-Seal
Emission Code 5
Fluid Type Automatic Transmission Fluid
Fluid Type Coolant
Fluid Type Diesel
Fluid Type E85
Fluid Type Methanol/Alcohol
Fluid Type Oil
Fluid Type Pump Gas
Fluid Type Race Gas
Fluid Type Rating - Automatic Transmission Fluid 5 out of 5 Rating
Fluid Type Rating - Coolant 5 out of 5 Rating
Fluid Type Rating - Diesel 2 out of 5 Rating
Fluid Type Rating - E85 2 out of 5 Rating
Fluid Type Rating - Methanol/Alcohol 1 out of 5 Rating
Fluid Type Rating - Oil 5 out of 5 Rating
Fluid Type Rating - Pump Gas 2 out of 5 Rating
Fluid Type Rating - Race Gas 3 out of 5 Rating
Fluid Type Rating - Vacuum 5 out of 5 Rating
Hose Family Perform-O-Flex
Hose Length 10 Feet
Hose Outer Material Stainless Steel
Hose Size 12 AN
Inside Diameter .688"
Max Working PSI 1000 PSI
Min. Bend Radius 4.5"
Outside Diameter .938"
Product Type Hose
Submersible in Fuel No
Temperature Range -40° to 350° F
Warning California Proposition 65

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