Eibach Mustang GT Sport-Plus Suspension Kit

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  • Race-Inspired Suspension Kit
  • Sold with a Set of Eibach Sport Springs (without Shock Absorbers)
  • Includes Solid Anti-Roll Bars for Improved Shock Absorption
  • Designed for Reduced Ride Height
  • Comes with Progressive Springs to Maintain Ride Comfort on Normal Conditions
  • No Wheel Alignment Required after Installation
  • Reduces Body Roll for Better Handling and Faster Cornering Speeds
  • Helps Initiate Faster Launches
  • Reduces Nose Dive During Braking and Improves Stopping Distances
  • Backed by Warranty
  • Fits All 2005-2010 Ford Mustang GT
Unmatched Race-Driving Experience. Conquer the road with race-inspired performance that only the Eibach Sport-Plus Suspension Kit can deliver. It’s designed to give your Mustang that race-driving performance it deserves with enhanced cornering speeds, faster launches, improved balance and quicker stops. 

Built for Tough Driving Conditions. The Sport-Plus Suspension Kit by Eibach is engineered to tackle even the most brutal driving conditions with its heavy-duty construction. That’s because it’s made from some of the industry’s toughest materials to ensure maximum durability. What’s more, it uses sturdy progressive springs and heavy-duty anti-roll sway bars to maintain ride comfort in all driving situations. 

Superior Comfort and Handling. This suspension kit is engineered to reduce your car’s squatting during acceleration and to prevent nose diving during braking by lowering your car’s center of gravity. With this on your car, you can experience superior cornering grip, faster launches, and quicker stops without sacrificing ride comfort. 

1 Million-Mile Warranty. Eibach backs this Suspension Kit’s springs and sway bars with a 1 million-mile warranty against manufacturing defects and substandard workmanship.