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Ford Performance GT350 Cylinder Head - Left Side

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  • Original Equipment for 5.2L GT350 & GT350R
  • Larger Port Size than 5.0L coyote
  • Fully CNC Ported Chamber & Ports
  • Genuine Ford Racing Part
  • Sold Individually - Left Side
  • Fits 2011-2017 GT, BOSS 302 and 2015-2018 GT350 Mustangs

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Performance Minded. Ford Racing has all the answers when you're looking for more power. Their innovate V8 design means you can upgrade your 5.0L coyote with 5.2L Cylinder Heads found in GT350s and GT350Rs. This Left Hand Cylinder Head is original production and will increase upgrade your valve train geometry to improve air flow and maximize performance. By upgrading your 5.0L, you'll reach higher RPMs and pump out more power to make the most of your time on and off the track.

Bigger is Better. This Left Side Cylinder Head features larger port and valve sizes than the 2015 5.0L coyote cylinder heads and will drastically improve airflow to optimize performance and gain higher RPMs. It is equipped with 38.3mm intake and 32.5 exhaust valve sizes, compared to the coyote's smaller 37.3 intake and 31.8 exhaust valves sizes, providing even more room for superior air and exhaust flow. 

Higher Valve Lift. By upgrading your 5.0L with this Cylinder Head, you'll gain higher valve lift. The improved valve lift height will improve air flow and allow you to reach higher RPMs and create more horsepower. This change in valve train geometry will improve the performance of your engine, but does require a unique cam shaft and 5.2L rocker arms and lash adjusters for use. Check below for additional required part numbers. 

Quality Construction. Reliable to its core, Ford Racing's VooDoo 5.2L Cylinder Head features fully CNC ported intake ports, exhaust ports, and combustion chambers for precision flow. It features hollow stem intake valves for superior lightweight performance and sodium filled exhaust valves to help maintain optimal engine temperatures.

Required Components. If you're upgrading a 5.0L coyote, you'll need to invest in a unique camshaft (Ford Racing Part Number: M-6550-M52) and the necessary 5.2L rocker arms and lash adjusters for installation (Ford Racing Part Number:M-6564-M52.) Both kits are required and sold separately.

Mustang Fitment. This Ford Racing Left Side Cylinder Head is designed as a direct replacement for 2015-2018 5.2L GT350 & GT350R Mustangs and is a compatible upgrade for 2011-2017 5.0L BOSS 302 and GT Mustangs.