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Ford Performance Mustang Cobra Jet Intake Manifold

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  • Original Equipment on the Naturally Aspirated 2013 Cobra Jet Race Car
  • Runners Tuned for 7750 Rpm Peak Power
  • Made from Light-Weight Composite Material
  • Total Intake Volume 635 Cubic Inches
  • Black Finish with a Ford Performance Badge
  • Fits 2011-2014 GT and 2012-2013 BOSS Mustangs
  • Fits 2015-2018 GT Mustangs with a Manual Transmission

More Air for More Power. Your 5.0L coyote V8's stock manifold is designed to perform well at the low end, but it chokes off airflow at the top. When you want peak power, this Ford Performance Cobra Jet Intake Manifold is designed to channel more air directly into your engine with runners tuned for 7750 rpm peak power with no loss of torque.

Premium Quality. Made of a high tech, lightweight composite, this manifold will help your pony breathe better while improving underhood appearance with its modern "Ford Performance" logo.

Legendary Ford Performance Quality. When you're adding parts to your pony, trust the folks who know it best to untap hidden potential and unleash the monster under your hood. This intake manifold is featured as original equipment on the naturally aspirated version of the 2013-2014 Cobra Jet Mustang Race Car.

Required Upgrade. Installation of this Ford Performance Cobra Jet Intake Manifold requires either a GT500 Throttle Body or a Cobra Jet Throttle Body - p/n M-9926-SCJ. Requires the Cobra Jet 5.0L Cold Air Intake Kit, p/n M-9603-M50CJ, to mate to the oval throttle body.

Required GT Upgrade. Installation of the Cobra Jet Intake Manifold on your GT requires the Boss Intake Install Kit. Please note the inlet hose in this kit will not be used.

Calibration Required. To realize the full power potential that this Cobra Jet Intake Manifold has to offer, we recommend a custom tune with a Mustang handheld tuner to reprogram the vehicles computer (ECU) for proper operation.

Application. The Ford Performance Cobra Jet Intake Manifold is designed to fit the 2011-2014 GT and 2012-2013 BOSS Mustangs as well as the 2015-2018 GT Mustangs with a Manual Transmission.

Technical Note. In order to fit this Cobra Jet Intake Manifold on a S550 Mustang, modifications will be required for proper installation. The modifications that is needed, but not limited to, is hood clearance (modification to the factory hood) or the use of an aftermarket hood, plus lower engine mounts.

Please Note. The Cobra Jet Intake Manifold is not legal for use in California or other states adopting California emission standards.

Technical Notes:

  • A new Computer Tune is required for installation.
  • Stock fuel rails can be reused for this application.
  • Nitrous oxide is not recommended for use with this manifold.
  • Stock and aftermarket strut tower braces designed to clear factory GT or BOSS manifolds will not fit.