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GMS MT-82 6th Gen Mustang GT Transmission Mount Bushing Insert - Red Polyurethane

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  • Eliminates Missed Shifts
  • Decreases Driveline Vibration and Deflection
  • Red 80 Durometer Polyurethane Bushings
  • Minor Increase in NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness)
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA
  • Fits 2015 to 2018 Manual 6-Speed Equipped Mustangs

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Eliminates Missed Shifts. A six speed equipped S550 Mustang is a blast to drive, but the spongy shifter feel can cause its fair share of missed shifts. These missed shifts occur because the stock transmission mount bushing was designed with open voids that tend to collapse during spirited driving. To prevent this from happening Granatelli Motor Sports engineered a Polyurethane Bushing Insert that fits neatly into the openings of factory rubber bushing to provide additional support. A GMS Transmission Mount Bushing Insert will allow you to bang through all six gears, without missing a shift. 

Superb Quality. Granatelli Motor Sports Transmission Mount Bushing is proudly designed and manufactured right here in the USA. This GMS Bushing is injection molded from a high quality low-deflection, 80-durometer polyurethane. A synthetic polymer material, Polyurethane is considerably stiffer and less compliant than your Mustangs original factory rubber bushing making it ideal for spirited driving applications. 

Minor Increase in NVH. GMS's Transmission Mount Bushing Insert was designed to decrease driveline vibration and deflection, because of this there will be a slight increase in NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness). With only a minor, almost unnoticeable, difference in NVH, this GMS Transmission Mount Bushing is perfectly suited for street, auto cross and race applications.