Granatelli 6th Gen Camaro Ultra Hi-Temp 0 Ohm Plug Wires

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The Granatelli Motorsports 0 Ohm are truly the world's only 0 Ohm plug wires. Watch the video below to see for yourself and hear it from us at Fast Guppy's that we didn't believe it either until we put a multimeter to the wires ourself. These wires are absolutely incredible 
  • Direct OEM replacement, exceeds OEM specifications, OBD-II computer safe
  • Increase power to the spark plug up to 400% over stock
  • Customers have reported up to 15HP (normally aspirated) & 35HP (s/c, turbo, & nitrous). Average gains on an otherwise stock motor are 5hp N/A and 12 to 15 with factory forced induction
  • 0 Ohm resistance, no RFI / EMI interference thanks to patented protector ring
  • Patented* design works with all fuel injection systems, street cars and race cars
  • Solid stainless connector cable with stainless snap lock spark plug connectors
  • High temperature silicone boots, 8MM jacket with fiberglass-reinforced braid resists temperatures up to 500 degrees, with optional 1200 Degree Kevlar boots on top
  • Ideal for use with aftermarket headers and/or turbocharger systems
  • Includes all necessary hardware



* Granatelli O ohm wires are patent protected by United States Patent number 7,185,622. This patent covers our unique method of producing ignition wires of extremely low resistance while maintaining very high noise suppression. The benefit of this invention is that full electrical energy from the ignition source is transmitted to the spark plug. The end result of the application of this method is increased horsepower, torque and fuel economy.