Halltech C7 Z06 High Performance Air Intake System

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720 hp SuperFlow Engine Dyno numbers at Geiger Performance below are factory stock (659 HP) vs. Halltech Stinger™CFV(720 HP). These numbers have been backed up by over 10 independent dynos.
You might be asking how in the world does an intake make so much power? For one, the air fuel ratio is leaned out slightly to the safe maximum ratio, the massive 689 cfm filter, has much less resistance to flow, which captures pumping loss parasitic horsepower and torque, and finally, airflow velocity is increase with our taper flow design, which contributes to more boost (.4 PSI) Geiger Performance in Germany sent this Engine Dyno showing our intake as the ONLY MOD they added on their SuperFlow Engine Dyno. They picked up 59.9 HP (60PS)41 lb-ft-Stock program, No Knock Retard: This is an all-time record for one bolt on modification: So aside from the +50 RWHP, you keep your horsepower by not losing it to timing reduction from higher IATs. This system will work with our TRIC Ram air induction system without any modifications to the system.
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