MGW 5th Gen Camaro Flat Stick Short Throw Shifter

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We are pleased to introduce MGW's new CNC Flat Stick design for the Generation 5 Camaro. Blending muscle car retro with modern high tech billet, this shifter will enhance the looks and driving performance of your Camaro to its fullest!!

Note: The stock nob will not fit on the Flat Stick Short Throw Shifter, So you will have to purchase a nob.

Available in black, blue, silver, and metallic red!

Key features that set this shifter design apart from the competition are:

  • Full replacement assembly not simply a center shaft change out.
  • 33 percent throw reduction ideal for road course and drag racing. (will not fatigue driver and fight gear engagement)
  • Integral spring return to 3-4 gate to assist in fast 2-3 powershifts and smooth 5-4 downshifts
  • High temp. rear polyurethane bushing mount to remove OEM shifter sloppy feel and deflection
  • All components are CNC machined and type 3 hard coat anodized aluminum or 303 aircraft grade stainless steel
  • Kit comes complete with custom upper dust boots and sound and thermal insulation pads to provide quiet cool operation of shifter
  • Patented sound dampening center shaft to prevent rattling that often plagues aftermarket shifters