MGW 5th Gen Mustang 2005-2010 GT/V6 Short Throw Shifter

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The MGW Shifter for the 2005 - 2010 Mustang GT and V6 is now in production and ready for sale to the public. In addition to possessing the same patented features of our earlier model Mustang Short Throw Shifters, this new shifter has a first ever feature for a Mustang Short Throw Shifter. A variable shift throw that the customer can fine tune to their personal preference. This shifter has a patented feature that actually allows the driver to adjust the throw from just a bit shorter than stock to almost 50 percent reduction in throw. Also, utilizing state of the art materials and design components this shifter has been engineered to offer both short throw and ease of shifting for all gears. No more hard pulling left to right to find reverse and fifth gear but still offers very beefy return springs for finding 3rd every time.

If you are planning to use your STOCK OEM shift knob whether it be the plastic and leather "thumb" shaped knob or the upgraded billet ball that comes in the BULLITT and GT premium Mustangs , then you will want to choose the FINE PITCH 12 MM x 1.25 thread handle option. Also, their MGW GRIPPER and COMPOSITE RACE knobs also have the correct fine pitch 12MM x 1.25 thread!

If you are planning on purchasing one of our Classic RALLY or MGW logo shift balls you will want to order the COARSE PITCH 12MM x 1.75 threaded handle!!! These are only available with this thread. Also, if you have an older knob from a pre 2005 Mustang you can also use it with this handle as the 2004 and older Mustangs also had the COARSE PITCH 12 MM x 1.75 thread!!

Please note: this shifter will not work on the 2011 models.