MGW 6th Gen Mustang Race Spec Short Throw Shifter

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Finally a no-compromises short throw shifter that can not only handle the toughest rigors of competition racing, but also posses excellent street manners for your daily driver. Starting with a clean sheet, the RACE SPEC shifter from MGW now solid mounts to the transmission via billet strut arms and features a solid linkage rod connecting the shifter to the transmission giving a true "top loader" feel in every shift!

X-SPEC Shifter

They've gotten many requests to build a shifter with an even MORE drastic throw reduction, and they've listened! If you need the shortest throw possible, then choose the X-SPEC model, with up to a 25% reduction in shift length possible over the stock shifter. They've also added a Low Profile handle option, which can be used with either the Standard or X-SPEC model shifter for even greater throw reduction.