MMR Mustang SHD(Super Heavy Duty) Upgraded Secondary Chains

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These new (SHD) Super Heavy Duty Chains from MMR eliminate the secondary chain failure on 5.0 and 5.2 Coyote Mustang GT Drag Race and Road Race applications that is common with aftermarket Camshafts and Valve springs. The factory Coyote chains were never designed to handle the increased pressure of aftermarket cams and valve springs placing them under extreme stress. These new Upgraded Coyote secondary chains feature the thickest possible center pin and inner and outer plates to bring you the strongest chain available! Designed and tested by Team MMR on the Worlds fastest Ford Coyote and Modular with a 5.80 @ 256mph

These are the only chains proven up to 10,000RPM and the only chains that have ran in the 5 second zone!! If they are not from MMR they are not the "real deal"!

2 Chains Included