Road Race K-Member

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    • Exclusive 5-hole anti slide retention system. Rock solid alignment reliability during extreme cornering
    • Industry leading dual center tube constructed of 1-1/2” OD DOM seamless steel tubing.
    • Additional cross braces use 1-1/4” OD DOM seamless steel tubing.
    • Completely fixture welded to ensure factory fitment with no grinding or cutting.
    • Brilliant durable powder coat, available bright red or gloss black.
    • Automatically reduces 22lbs of front end weight.
    • Offers additional clearance for headers & turbo piping.
    • Rear main cross tube lowered for oil pan protection and coverage.
    • Uses integrated motor mounts for maximum weight reduction.

UMI’s industry leading twin tube road-race k-member has gone to the next level. UMI’s road race k-member has been tested on auto-x and road courses across the east coast. Our new adjustment plates feature a bulletproof locking mechanism which provides the ultimate in alignment retention. Laser cut plates lock the lower a-arms into position for absolute confidence. Five positions of adjustment are available on the k-member in addition to the adjustment provided by the UMI lower arms. Our road race k-member also features additional bracing over and above the already tough UMI standard k-member. We recommend the road race set up when you want to dominate the auto-x course, road course or street.