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RPM Transmissions C6 Corvette '05-'07 T56

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We are an authorized dealer and sell RPM's leveled transmissions for the C6 Corvette here! Below you will find descriptions of the various levels offered, you can select your level in the drop down. Neither us nor RPM lists power levels for their transmissions, there are many variables that help us arrive at what stage may be appropriate for you so please call us for further details!

Level IV 


  • Media blast transmission case 
  • Solid synchronizer keys 
  • Steel 3-4 shifter fork 
  • Hand fit sliders and hubs 
  • New Compressed Carbon blocking rings
  • Assembly to our specifications

Level V

  • Includes everything from Level IV plus...
  • Bronze fork pads on all gears 1-6 including reverse
  • RPM modified 1-2 shifter fork
  • Performance Metal Micropolish 

Level VI

  • Includes everything from Level IV plus...
  • Cryogenic Processing