SCT 3rd Gen Mustang Eliminator Switch Chip

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SCT's single program and 5 program, four bank custom chips are specifically tuned for your 1987-2004 Ford car or truck by one of SCT's Custom Tuning dealers world wide!

Custom Tuning Worldwide!
Can be custom tuned by one of SCT's Custom Tuning dealers world wide!

Easily switch between tune files
Easily switch between custom tunes using the optional Dial Selector.

Installs in minutes
Installation only takes 10-15 minutes with standard hand tools.

Mountable Switch Panel
Mountable switch panel for easy access to switching tune files.

Perfect for Nitrous or Towing Applications
Perfect for Nitrous or Towing Applications. Switch tunes on the fly or at the track.

Save on fuel costs
Easily switch between different octane tune files to save on fuel costs or switch to a custom fuel economy tune on longer trips!

Single or Multi-Program Chip
Available as a single or multi-program switch chip

Vehicle Anti-theft mode built-in
Built In Anti Theft Selection that disables PCM and prevents the vehicle from starting