STS Turbo External Wastegate #STS50

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STS Turbo wastegates are a great choice for your turbo system. We utilize Turbosmart components to offer the highest quality wastegates possible. All of our wastegates features a one-piece stainless steel valve for maximum reliability and a proven silicon nomex diaphragm.

Our STS Turbo Ultragate 38mm external wastegate is a great for street and racing applications, specifically for classic 2 bolt flanges. It's designed with minimum size and maximum flow in mind. The 38mm Ultragate is small, lightweight, and features a unique locking collar design for quick and easy spring changes.

The STS Turbo Compgate 40mm external wastegate is designed to fit into tight spaces while offering superior flow and heat handling capabilities. Its actuator housing is 25% smaller than other designs and allows for easy spring changes with our locking cap design and gives the ability to index the cap orientation in 12 different positions.