STS Turbo Reusable Air Filter #STS57

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STS Turbo offers reusable air filters and air filter wraps to fit your needs. Our high-flow cotton media air filters are washable and reusable offering long filter service life on your STS Turbo equipped vehicle. These filters are designed of layered oiled cotton media that help trap dirt particles along with providing deep breathing for your engine.

We also offer a line of air filter wraps that are designed to keep out dirt particles and street debris as small as 0.005 inch. Our Pre-filters are run dry meaning no oils or additives are required so there is no dirt sticking to the oil creating premature loss of airflow and horsepower. These water repellent pre-filters add another level of protection on top of our STS Turbo air filtersΓÇöjust slide over the air filter and go.