TCI LS Series Permanent Magnetic Starter

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When it comes to GM LS performance, there are a host of big power adders for street/strip applications. But once some of these power-adding extras have been included, other OEM components tend to suffer. Too often, the factory starter can’t handle the power it takes to fire up a motor with higher compression or it simply won’t fit with aftermarket headers. That’s where the all-new TCI® LS-Series Permanent Magnet Starter comes into play. For GM LS applications with stock exhaust or aftermarket headers, the new TCI® starter features 12 different clocking positions to allow for increased oil pan clearance and a lightweight, compact design for easier mounting. The LS-Series Permanent Magnet Starter also utilizes a 6:1 gear reduction to provide more cranking power over the factory setup, thereby giving you the ability to easily turn over engines with much higher compression ratios. For added durability, the starter contains a full bearing design that eliminates the risk of wearing out bushings.

The LS-Series Permanent Magnet Starter is designed to fit any existing GM Gen III (LS1/LS2/LS6) and Gen IV (LS3/LS7/LS8/LS9) vehicle applications.