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Texas Speed 1/2" 12-Point Head Stud Kit, Standard 2004+ Blocks

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TSP has put together an ARP 1/2" head stud kit for non-six-bolt LS-based engine blocks! This kit is designed for a standard GM production block, and it will require machining to drill and tap the 1/2" holes for the larger stud size. This kit is a must for anyone looking to run boost or nitrous on their engine without spending thousands of dollars on a new six-bolt block. The kit will include the following items:

  • (20) 1/2" Head Studs
  • (20) 1/2" 12-Point Nuts & Washers
  • (10) 8mm Head Studs for Top Row
  • (10) 8mm 12-Point Nuts & Washers